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5 Fun Things to Do in Houston in the Summer

1. “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” is currently playing at the new theater for A.D. Players on Westheimer at Yorktown. Performances are in the morning, so children are encouraged to bring an adult and enjoy this play!

2. Volunteer at The Food Bank. Children 6 and older can work at the warehouse on Portwall, east of downtown Houston, and right off I-10. They have a huge, clean facility, and kind people who can help you learn your job. One adult for every 10 children is required for supervision.

3. Houston Museum of Natural History has an exhibit Mapping Texas from the Frontier to the Lone Star State, maps from 1530 to 1920! If that is not riveting enough for you, try Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum. You can easily spend a whole day in this museum; there is a place to eat lunch at McDonald’s and don’t forget to see the Planetarium and the Butterfly Center!

4. At the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, check out the Summer Art Exploring on Thursdays this summer. There is a new medium to explore every week (for ages 3-12). It’s free and so is museum admission on Thursdays, always! Did you ever wish you could see an old movie again, but in a theater? The museum shows some amazing old favorites and some surely to be new to you, too. Check out the current schedule.

5. Miller Outdoor Theater in Hermann Park is always free! And after the sun goes down and the breeze kicks in, there is no place more fun than the hill for a picnic while you watch an amazing performance! Shakespeare, The Village People, Houston Symphony, “Pippen” produced by Theater Under the Stars…you can easily find an event that stirs your culture taste every week of the summer months!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to walk over to Miller Outdoor Theater, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Natural History Museum? I can help you find a home in this neighborhood, as well as the Galleria neighborhood where A.D. Players perform! I can also sell your home in these areas. Call me today for a home value estimate or information regarding buying a home! 713-530-0150

Project Braes Bayou 2

IMG_1119This is my second quarterly report on the progress of Project Braes, a project with the majority of the work being done and orchestrated by the Harris County Flood Control District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Houston Parks Board will be working to create more recreational space in this area. I still do not pretend to be an engineer or expert on flood problems. I am a resident of the area, a Realtor, and I want to keep the neighborhood aware of the progress of this huge undertaking.



These photos are from east of the Kirby bridge on So. Braeswood. The first one is looking West and the second, East. The fence and sidewalk near the street are finished, I think. That wall appears to be small, relative to the seawall in Galveston, but that is what it looks like to me!


From the Main St. bridge, first looking West, then East toward the Med Center, we see the large area under the bridge in concrete…what is this going to be? I knew they would have trails under the bridges, to facilitate the needs of hikers and bikers. Maybe I will have the answer next time. Looking east, we see the vast amount of dirt leveled, packed and able to handle all these vehicles that belong to the workmen.

IMG_1098IMG_1099From Kelving and No. Braeswood, first looking East, then West toward the Kirby bridge. The progress on this side is not as far along as the So. Braeswood side, but you can see the wall is built along Braeswood to Kelving, and there is a heap of dirt ready to go or come, I don’t know.


From Brompton and No. Braeswood, looking across to Knollwood Subdivision, it appears that the “seawall” will end between Buffalo Speedway and about Tidwell.


We can see from Grennoch, west of Buffalo Speedway, there are a few piles of rocks/boulders along the south side of the bayou. I’ll tell about that in a minute. But it doesn’t look like much is happening here, except…


Wildflowers! Wow! What a great relief from the construction!


At Greenbush and So. Braeswood, you can see the wall is higher than So. Braeswood. I speculated in January, that it might be. In the second photo, there is something unusual. The two strips of grass have been laid precisely at certain places. One about 3′ wide is backed up to the wall. The second is a more narrow strip maybe 20′ away, I’m guessing. I can’t wait to see what is going on here!


This backhoe is seriously in the bayou scooping up large rocks and boulders. That’s why they were further upstream on the edge of the water. Of course this makes sense to the Flood Control District (their truck is on the right), because those huge boulders take up water space in the bayou, and they are working hard to create more space for rainwater!

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Unique Listing for Museum District/Medical Center Area

I’ve just listed this wonderful Montrose patio home at 913 W. Main, 77006, and wanted to introduce the property to the blog followers.  It is 2817 sq. ft., according to the builder, and has three floors, two outdoor areas on the ground, spacious rooms, and lots of storage.  Many custom built-ins throughout the house.  The third floor was taken from the attic, but looks completely intentional from the beginning.  It is the fourth bedroom, now used as a study.  This location is perfect for the Medical Center, Rice University, downtown, and the Museum District.

There will be an open house this Sunday, July 6, from 1-5, and I’ll even have some lemonade for you on the patio!  Don’t miss it, because this home will not be on the market long, at all!

Farmers’ Market at Rice University


Pictured above is a typical haul of mine from a weekly Farmers’ Market.  For busy families near the Texas Medical Center and Rice University, the Rice University Farmers’ Market on Tuesdays at 3:30-7 p.m. is the answer!  Enter off University Blvd. near the stadium and find over 30 vendors present every week, selling everything from organic baby food to dog biscuits.  I depend on the peach growers in the summer!  The fruit is delicious and they never last at my house until the next Tuesday!  Find a home where you can walk to this market or just have a very short drive.

Support these local farmers who bring organic and sustainable garden produce to the market!  Surprise the cook by stopping by after working at the Medical Center; you’ll be glad you did!