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Property Tax Time…

I have been receiving calls from clients regarding property taxes, because they are due January 31, 2015 for 2014 tax year.  If you bought a house in 2014, make sure your name is on the tax record for your property, by going to and under “Record Search/Real Property Search”, enter your address and “Search”.  Next step would be to view your county tax bill.   The Seller paid you for the time they owned the house in 2014.  And you or your lender are responsible for paying the full amount.  Compare the amount with the amount on your closing statement. If it is more than what the Seller paid you, you and the Seller have signed documents saying you would take care of the difference.  The Seller said he would pay any amount over the amount paid at closing.  Contact the Seller and let him know about the difference.  If the tax paid by the Seller at closing is more than the tax bill states, the Buyer will owe the Seller the overage.

If you sold real estate in 2014, make sure that the property listed on is no longer in your name.  will give you all the forms necessary for correcting the tax records.

It is too late to protest your tax bill.  In a few months, you will receive a notice of the 2015 tax year assessed value, and at this time, you can make an appointment to argue your assessed amount.

Good luck!  Know I am here to help you with all your real estate concerns and needs!