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5 Fun Things to Do in Houston in the Summer

1. “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” is currently playing at the new theater for A.D. Players on Westheimer at Yorktown. Performances are in the morning, so children are encouraged to bring an adult and enjoy this play!

2. Volunteer at The Food Bank. Children 6 and older can work at the warehouse on Portwall, east of downtown Houston, and right off I-10. They have a huge, clean facility, and kind people who can help you learn your job. One adult for every 10 children is required for supervision.

3. Houston Museum of Natural History has an exhibit Mapping Texas from the Frontier to the Lone Star State, maps from 1530 to 1920! If that is not riveting enough for you, try Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum. You can easily spend a whole day in this museum; there is a place to eat lunch at McDonald’s and don’t forget to see the Planetarium and the Butterfly Center!

4. At the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, check out the Summer Art Exploring on Thursdays this summer. There is a new medium to explore every week (for ages 3-12). It’s free and so is museum admission on Thursdays, always! Did you ever wish you could see an old movie again, but in a theater? The museum shows some amazing old favorites and some surely to be new to you, too. Check out the current schedule.

5. Miller Outdoor Theater in Hermann Park is always free! And after the sun goes down and the breeze kicks in, there is no place more fun than the hill for a picnic while you watch an amazing performance! Shakespeare, The Village People, Houston Symphony, “Pippen” produced by Theater Under the Stars…you can easily find an event that stirs your culture taste every week of the summer months!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to walk over to Miller Outdoor Theater, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Natural History Museum? I can help you find a home in this neighborhood, as well as the Galleria neighborhood where A.D. Players perform! I can also sell your home in these areas. Call me today for a home value estimate or information regarding buying a home! 713-530-0150

Property Tax Time…

I have been receiving calls from clients regarding property taxes, because they are due January 31, 2015 for 2014 tax year.  If you bought a house in 2014, make sure your name is on the tax record for your property, by going to and under “Record Search/Real Property Search”, enter your address and “Search”.  Next step would be to view your county tax bill.   The Seller paid you for the time they owned the house in 2014.  And you or your lender are responsible for paying the full amount.  Compare the amount with the amount on your closing statement. If it is more than what the Seller paid you, you and the Seller have signed documents saying you would take care of the difference.  The Seller said he would pay any amount over the amount paid at closing.  Contact the Seller and let him know about the difference.  If the tax paid by the Seller at closing is more than the tax bill states, the Buyer will owe the Seller the overage.

If you sold real estate in 2014, make sure that the property listed on is no longer in your name.  will give you all the forms necessary for correcting the tax records.

It is too late to protest your tax bill.  In a few months, you will receive a notice of the 2015 tax year assessed value, and at this time, you can make an appointment to argue your assessed amount.

Good luck!  Know I am here to help you with all your real estate concerns and needs!